Author's Guide


According to KhNAHU order № 54 from April 16, 2009 collection of scientific works «Automobile Transport» is a freeware nonprofit scientific publication. Authors compensate only the costs of article publication.

The total cost of the publishing work performance: typesetting, editing, proofreading, correction, printing and article posting in the collection is:

  - for authors - KhNAHU employees – 15,0 UAH with VAT for 1 A4 page, author pay merely for 2 pages, rest of the pages are payed by University;

  - publishing fee for article is written by a student alone is fully compensated by the University;

  - article is written jointly by the KhNAHU employee(s) and person(s) are not working in KhNAHU: 16,81 UAH with VAT for for 1 A4 page;

  - for other authors: 16,81 UAH with VAT for for 1 A4 page.

As royalty for article printing in the collection author(s) will receive one copy regardless of the number of authors.

The authors of the materials published in the journal permit using their content according to the license Creative Commons CC-BY «Attribution ». This kind of license allows other people to distribute, edit, correct and base on the work of the authors, even with commercial purpose, while the authors mention them as co-authors. The license is recommended to distribute widely and use licensed materials. More details about the license Creative Commons CC-BY are available here

Declaration of the Open Access journal. The editors follow the politics of «open access» for the published materials. According to the Budapest Open Access Initiative (BOAI) the editors consider free access to the published materials in Internet and the right of each user to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or link to the full text papers, search with indexer robot, enter them as data in software or use them for other legal purpose without financial, law or technical obstacles excluding those that regulate access to the Internet itself. The only restriction for reproduction and distribution and the only condition of copyright in this area must be the author’s right to control the entity of his work and obligatory links to his name when his work is used and cited. More information about the Budapest Open Access Initiative is available here

The full texts (parts or metadata) of the papers published in the journal «Automobile Transport» are free accessed in Internet at the official website of the edition (, Scientific electronic library eLIBRARY.RU, citation systems (data bases): ISSN, Russian Index of Scientific Citation, DOAJ, Index Copernicus  et al.

Every paper must contain the following information: place of work (university (institute), enterprise and other types of organizations, city, and country), position, academic degree, academic title, full postal address and email that allows scientists and specialists from different countries to contact authors.

Authors of article keep the rights without Editorial board and Founders of the Automobile Transport authorization to: 

1.Make copies of the Article (all or part) for teaching purposes.

2.Include the Article (all or part) in a research thesis or dissertation.

3.Make oral presentation of the Article (all or part) and to include a summary and/or highlights of it in papers distributed at such presentations or in conference proceedings.

4.Include electronic copies of the Article (including final published Journal format) on:

a.personal authors’ web-resources (web-sites, web-pages, blogs, etc.);

b.web-resources of the Institutions (including their repositories) where Authors worked when research for the Article was carried out;

c.noncommercial web-resources of open access (, and etc.).

In all cases the appropriative bibliographic citation or URL on the official Journal web-site must be included.

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