Publication Ethics

Publication ethics and lack of malpractice statement

  • Plagiarism in scientific publications is not acceptable.
  • All data in the article should be real and authentic. Authors of publications are responsible for reliability of facts, cites, proper names and other data.
  • The editorial board is completely responsible and bears the authority to accept a submitted paper for publication or to reject it. The editorial board may confer with associate editors or reviewers to make this decision.
  • The editorial board is responsible for all materials they publish.
  • The editorial board must make fair and impartial decisions, independent of commercial interests and ensure a fair review process.
  • The editorial board should implement a "transparent" editorial policy that promotes full and fair reporting.
  • The editorial board must not disclose any information about a manuscript under consideration to anyone other than the reviewers. Unpublished information, described in the submitted manuscript, must not be used for personal purposes.